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Design news | Oct 08

Juicy-fruity colors brought to you by Booreiland platform for creative productions.

He's a Swede man living in Paris and does extravagant illustrations or smallish characters for a living. Please meet Carl Johanson.

Make room for traditional meets modern for fashion label Sentis. Overflowing with gorgeous on-location photography of the latest collection shot by Claudia Knoepfel and Stefan Indiekofer, website produced by Dein Alltag.

If you attended either one of the sessions I gave at Create Chaos / MOGO / WDDConference, I told you that the sessions pres would be available online. These are provided in outlined versions, since content live differs each time — here goes:

Online the brand is you! session

Being creative is NOT a job! session
Navigate by clicking top * and clicking again to reveal the PILLS

I have prepared this easy to bookmark page Create Chaos / MOGO / WDDConference — Sessions Material which contains links to pres as well as additional reading material.

If you would like to inquire about my lecturing availabilities — don't hesitate — I luv empowering people.

Chris Dent has made huge strides since graduating from Camberwell College of Arts. At 23 he is quickly earning a status and has had recognition from Paul Insect who selected him as one of the top 3 young illustrators in the UK.

His intricate pen work explores the energy of street culture through densely informative drawings of cityscapes.

Chris Kerrigan is a photographer with an eclectic assemblage of pictures. He definitely has a tendency towards capturing food sometimes in a cultural contexts.

Fantastic pictures and flash website for Mike Walsen whose photography is superb and best described by his own words: “When you dream there are no rules, people can fly, anything can happen.”

NM706i is one of Nokia's product and the intro - just let it scroll is a funny movie that exploits stereotypes and other human reactions to beauty and not in a pejorative way. Produced for the Japan market, watching the images are worth a thousand words.

A geek friend of mine (Brian Alvey) recently launched Obsessable, which as you've probably guessed it, “covers the latest in the world of technology, including cell phones, cameras, and HDTVs — obsessively, of course. Obsessable is powered by the rapid content development engine, Crowd Fusion.”

So you know, they are currently not taking platform customers but toying and testing their model.

Below little jewel was produced by ONY.Musetti a design and flash powerhouse from Russia who have a stunning website and brochette of clients as well.

Horacio Salinas approach to phography veers on the side of literal transliteration of the topic he covers with some sustained levels of complacency in decadent luxury items and sometime even gory details to drive the point.

The compositions are sometimes asking for a double-take to get it.

The UpDharmaDown is a Filipino band that won the In The Raw Award and their eclectic music give them the leverage to stand above most local bands.

We Give in Sometimes video was directed and animated by Acid House, illustrations by Inksurge and photography by Everywhereweshoot.

Beautiful - just beautiful!

Sidual Apparel is a streetwear brand and collection and all clothing is designed and produced by artists in Vancouver, CA. Gotta love the nice people showing off the collection in their new website.

thisislove™mash more than jello as a design studio who can deliver seriously creative projects. It is a multidisciplinary platform and their projects pretend to question the process of creation and interaction between people, objects and signs. They make ideas real, with a great eye for detail and hidden meanings, without intending any particular sense of style to establish a cool normality.

DHNN is an independent visual communication studio from Argentina who put out a stunning portfolio.

I had the privilege to serve on the ADAA jury alongside Gaby Brink who, then, was just on the verge of reinventing and launching a new design studio based on a collaborative model with a group of interdisciplinary likeminded individuals.

Now after a year — presenting Tomorrow Partners website. Seasoned professionals who have not lost their edge are delivering powerful brand and advertising messages.

Hola! Completely revamped from top to bottom! Yummy: “Domestika es un proyecto orientado a promover el valor del diseño como herramienta de cambio en la sociedad.”

Hats off to my long time friends!

Short film released a few weeks ago for Quercus that reminds people about the importance of not giving up on the fight against Global Warming. Agency: McCann Erickson Portugal.

Totally for raising awareness but this one, is quite a shocker.

Here is another advertising clip based on an original idea by Joshua Allen Harris and produced by Ogilvy/NY for the “Help save the planet. Ride don't drive”. What a totally awesome concept - using inflatable bears over hot air vents to make the point!

A couple of years ago I wrote Unassigned, the future calls for submissions, kind of a manifesto with a plea to bring on the dreamers aiming that we, creatives, designers, artists can change the world.

Monika Motor is an excellent photographer! Luv how professional her pictures are. Portrait, fashion and lifestyle shots are all done with a high level of lively vibrancy.

Ah.. the light! Wonderful.

Nice way to kick-start the week and be challenged to meet and deliver design projects. Mike Harrison (who is just 23 years old) just kick my butt with some incredibly personal and creative takes on what graphic design and illustrations should be about.

Indulge in fresh!

Nils Völker is young and attempting to be smack on the pulse of design with his corporate identity, graphic design and print projects.

Dollies and pastels and soft and edgy projects for Teatime studio which is a creative studio established in 2002 at Barcelona by Sebastián Litmanovich.

In this hemisphere, Sartoria Vico's brand new winter knitwear collection is just right, to keep warm. I'm pretty sure I have tropical blood and don't like to be cold - but the collection offers out of the usual path ideas that arae hand made in a small factory in Italy.

The sciarpone and cuffia are exactly what I need.

Established in 2002 by Dean Eastment, hypr is a design studio with an “eye for details”. Their website veers more on the side of an interactive experiment rather a than traditional portfolio by making use of one super visual, their logo. Centering the interface it is served in different sightings by choosing a section in the black upper band offering an imaginative idea-based rather project based navigation.

Fuelled by imagination and trade skills Gazz is a collective of live action, animation and motion graphic design production. I like that upon landing on their page there is a slide show of some of their work which is either build with cardboard, clay or illustration.


Each producers have load of experience and visual goodness to keep you busy watching for a while.

Don't miss their awesome reel!

Jasmax is a big architecture practice in New Zealand and they have chosen to build a flash immersive website. I am kind of ambivalent with so much fast moving boxes. No doubt, they have the expertise and delivered projects in a wide range of industry and each sections contains beautiful pictures.

What do you make of it?

The Shift Calendar Competition started in 2003 with an aim to discover fresh creators. For the 6th competition of this year we have received 1,572 entries from 42 countries. 12 carefully selected works will decorate each month of the Shift calendar, which will be on sale from October 20th and appeared in shops and galleries around the world.

Wolda is proud to announce the winners of its inaugural 2008 edition: 192 logos selected from almost 1100 entries from 43 different countries worldwide.

Bob London has this particularity: quirky line art illustrations where the characters feel realistic yet a bit out of shape.

Definitely not an ordinary girl with ordinary work. Leesa Leva claims: “I'm an artist/illustrator/dork available for freelance projects, exhibitions, etc. I'm 5'8", missed the 60s by a hair, and in my spare time enjoy speculating about how nanotech will solve everything.”

Stuning and gorgeous graphic work for mostly print editorial and installation designs by Les produits de l'épicerie which is the duo work portfolio of Philippe Delforge and Jérôme Grimbert. à

Don't miss the pictures of the Get off my cloud installation.

Matthew Dent aka State28 is a talented illustrator who is currently available for freelance assignments or an in-house design gig.

Xavi Requeno is an interior architect, designer and furniture maker with a very nice website to show his projects. The website was produced by Topo design studio.

Kareem Black specializes in lifestyle and portrait photography with attitude! Lots and lots of attitude which is defined as the courage to express who you are! Definitely a sharp shooter who dwelves in the glam of spotlights.

Be prepared! No kidding, blackbeltmonkey (dgital design and communication) is about to punch you K.O. with an outstanding flash website that delivers a humoristic approach and top notch technical merit. Be prepared for click upon click of web marvelling! So, refreshing!

A-Side is a graphic design and illustration studio set in the UK with a global reach. “From concept to crafting the final experience we defy constricting styles and rather move with the tempo of the terrain. When the process is good that positive energy becomes transparent in the final product.”

Nice logo too.

Cecilia Carlsedt is one of those illustrator who have made a place for themselves in the fashion industry. Though I total hate the sliding pop-up windows (perhaps someone may want to contact her and offer to update her website) - her work is a reflection what is culturally perceived as elegant. Her silhouettes perspective are very good.

Doyon-Rivest is a pair of artists who take inspiration from the methods and aesthetics of the advertising industry and commerce to create works of art. Using interdisciplinary openness to address issues in both contemporary art and the world of advertising.

Ryan McGinness is a busy body who would make anyone envious of his multiple shows and press coverage. He does spiroglyph like paintings, installations, pop-sculptures, screen printing and even this dress, made of 1" buttons.

Prolific? In his case, it is an understatement.

He's got an upcoming show at Artcore titled: Aesthetic Comfort.

Words only? Why not, Marken Personal is a german based recruiting company that uses flash panning frames to make their pitch.

Determining what kind of font, text size and height is a guessing game that Typchart facilitates. You can grap the CSS and incorporate. For more resources visit our toolbox.

Since your last visit, itte studio has grown up into a beautiful gentleman, Sir Alan The Gallant; a man of honour, taste, savoir-vivre... and shoes.

These girls are awesome!

Kenn Goodall is a talented visual artists whose work cover people, places, situations, paint, pencil, ink, photoshop, collage. He gets his inspiration from the past, present and sometimes the future.

His sketchbooks are amazing!

AmpersandAmpersand is the art and design collaboration between Mark Byk and Kristine Tortora and do a lot of printmaking as well as holding art shows once a month in the space.

Accurately, their work involves lots of typography and ink.

Mark Allen Miller is an illustrator who aims at striking a balance between retro images and modern sensibilities.

Hard to resist! Sprinkles Cupcakes have turned the humble thumbler into a royal treat. Luv their identity and packaging and the myriad choices all decorated superbly and Candace Nelson and hubby are filling sweet tooth cravings in the great tradition of home made cakes.

Cake anyone?

Idéia Forte is a meritocratic centric agency whose projects seek to tackle what is different but rooted in their values, like fellowship, to engage their clients and viewers in a valuable relationship.


They have produced this little jewel film which takes you inside the creative process and

wild world of Bruno 9li metaphorical art, drawing a chaotically ordered world populated by animals and weird characters.

No Code is a non commercial website dedicated to photographic creativity and experimentation. Only registered members may access, exchange and contibute freely to the evolution of the site. No Code registration only works on invitation - contact them if interested.

He's going to blow your mind away, Still on the run is the online portfolio of multidisciplinary designer Emeric Trahand aka Tksh. He masters visual fx and his compositions and concepts top grade. Imagination on warp, skills on fire, that guy is good! Really-really-really good!

Atelier Telescopique keeps on extending the fun and funk on all kinds of surface and the assignments complete show just that. Hats off to this talented design collective.

Designminstrel new Account Executives vs. Designers song!

Not your average photographer, Morgane Le Gall is ingenious and plays on geometrics in an almost strict or rigid visual grid to create absolutely gorgeous pictures that look more like sculptures than flat 2D. Some include collage like retouching.

NGD Design is home to talented Nazario Graziano and in his design portfolio you can see how he uses mix media compositions to deliver quirky and unconventional communication solutions.

Luv his work!

You can see the MadinSpain'08 open titles, created by Helio Vega with the collabo of Marcelo Baldin with the music.

Anne Mie Dreves is a Denmark based photographer who is versatile in all her assignments. Gotta luv the Mind Lab series with the white emphasis which draws you into the color. Her portraits, lifestyle and packaging series are excellent too.

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