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This morning I am stricken and saddened. Just read the news that Arnaud Mercier aka Elixir Studio (about 12-13 yrs ago) has passed. Founding partner of Area17 (also refers to the optical cortex of the brain where visual data is received, patterns are recognized and images are formulated. This is not a coincidence) have issued this message.


Addendum: Area17 released a short summary of what happened.


He was a pioneer, visionary and his talent will be greatly missed in the design community. Through the years always supported his career and efforts. What a loss. I am so sad.

Follows a little homage to a great designer.


Meet Arnaud Mercier, art direction and embark on a voyage into a breath taking sweeping view of a one of a kind portfolio.

At Elixir Studio you discover his unique style, his jaw dropping pictures and flash storyboards that which makes Arnaud an accomplished master communication designer.

Best of the Year (BOTY) recipient in 2002.


From the *subway* experiment to interface designs for Blastradius studio and reknown clients, each work is different and extensive. Such profound thought is given to visual placement for navigation and text as well as branding integration… one very well should spend lots of time, learning from him.

Don’t miss his ‘Journey on flash movie’ and watch how the frames unfold. I must have watched it about x4 times!

But there is more! Be it picture montages, print design, logotypes or design stills, there is not one single entry that is boring.

Another of his quality is understanding chromatics. The play of color, the contrast, these little bits of numbers and arrows, though a style that is much in used… sorry but not with this kind of subtlety!

I bet even his discarded work would be worth seeing.

Now, can somebody book this guy to publish his own work? Wish I could ’cause I would.


circa: 1999-2000


Arnaud Mercier is now operating under AREA17.

circa: February 2002


Where do great talent go? At AREA17, home of extra prolific creative execution master Arnaud Mercier (who was listed as a design forte recipient back in 2002) et al.

Luckily for us, most of his outstanding past work is still available for viewing.

Now what do you think of the information tree-like navigation?

Again, LUV his work!

circa: December 2006


AREA17 located in both Paris and New York, founded by Arnaud Mercier have a new website.. Anyhow, they have a tagline that pretty much summarize their approach:

We believe websites can change people’s lives.. is that crazy?

circa: March 2010


He is also the founder of these 3 services which highlight his personality, temparement and interests. He was aiming at facilitating human interactions in art, career and commerce.

Subfolio – customizable web interface to your file system


Krrb – connect with your neighbors in-person commerce


Slash – a mobile / online contemporary art agenda


Sooo grateful to have found a repository of large graphics of his early work. There are much more – follow link below to see.


via: Graphic ExchanGE

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