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Why the Brand is YOU

Would you like to spend a full hour one on one with me for free? Would you like to pick my brain and find out what I’ve learned by being editor of ND, judging multiple design award shows and having reviewed over 150k portfolios in the past 15 yrs?

No problem! Let’s do it! Grab a tall fav drink and set some quality time aside to get loads of insights as to why your talent is primordial, how to use, exploit, present it and cash on it. Definitely aiming to empower and inspire rather than show. There are no ‘visual’ examples provided.

Make it an even better experience download and print the .pdf to follow and add your personal notes as we go along. Now, how do we go about doing this?

Head on to and pick the Online the Brand is You video (1 hour) of the session I did at FITC Toronto ’09, and we’re all set. Would luv to hear your comments or questions.

Poster designed by Joshua Davis


Caught into the moment during my session.


Photo by Lillian Xia

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