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C/R intro

Few days shy of one year since Netdiver Mag was repurposed to become sort of a very unofficial record of web history as captured from {1998 – onwards} — I am thrilled to make this announcement.

After 17 years dedicated to leveraging the online creative community — it’s my turn. Reinvention time.

Portion of the semi-sabbatical creative reboot I am undertaking this year — à la Sagmeister — will appear in the feed. Semi = talents or projects will be featured w/ posts intermeshed w/ my own creative output.

Sabbatical = no client work.


First on my list — a few are aligned — a self-initiated project involving photography, typo and illustration. Currently sifting through my stacks of pictures — doing a first round pre-selection. More edits for sure. Themed or color keyed or both? May work — or not — but the concept is set. Figuring out the ‘selection’ process to achieve a fluid eye-candy storyboard.

The passionate image seeker is decloaking today. Expect point and shoot or staged shots. My quest for the right ‘typographic’ treatments. Graphic design to nail ‘identity’ and editorial grid.

Ultimate goal? Publish a book. No title yet.


Preparing a staging exercise w/ my new Fujifilm x10. Took w/ iPhone screen of camera w/ background. Cool huh?


Addendum: Read the TIHLIMLSF post.

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