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Flipping back in time, I wanted to share the following so you can blaze through early Netdiver (founded in '95) and started publishing, circa '98 to land right up here, today.

Some of you mentioned - indeed - there is not a lot about me to be found so - I amend.

Sometimes a bit of history helps...


I recall vividly what led me to write my life manifesto at 14: “What's the use of human intelligence if it only serves to destroy?”


It's the 60's - had read modern influential philosophers and post-renaissance history. Long standing institutions, social behaviors, Cold War politics were challenged.

Freedom was the banner flying over all activities. Voicing your thoughts, was ultimate.

What struck me: the doing something part was gone missing.

There was a resurgence of creativity and rallies to end wars, end social injustices, end racism. There were a tremendous outpouring of efforts to generate change. “Live, love today 'cause tomorrow you die!”

A dire underlying desperation was pervading everywhere and everything, alongside the euphoria.

Sadly, I was not convinced because from an historical, social and economical point of view, change is not an overnight feat!

It was not merely a massive rising of consciousness - but to be conscious, does not bring necessarily the well orchestrated actions that congratulates knowing something.

The era of the instantaneous was born: from instant coffee to instant freedom!

There was this instant power for instant change all over - it was just a matter of good will. Though good will was probably reaching epidemic proportions -- the fanfare of change is still marching on today... with no precise final destination.

Why is that?

This proves that instant is vaporware! Change is demanding! Change comes from within, one person at a time. Change is disrupting, unnerving, chaotic, bumpy, unpredictable and not easy!

It was both my ignorance and the (social) context that fueled my then, and now, position: in order to generate change there was going to be a need for a massive distribution of coherent information around the world!

Read me well - I wasn't being seeded by a megalomaniac vision or under the influence of an egotist revelation.

I was overwhelmed by the weigh of MY responsibility and though being young and not aware of the costs - I knew it would take years, perhaps a lifetime to analyze, understand and find ways to meet the challenge of changing the world...

What layed ahead was the unknown, and the answers, locked behind those barriers.

What was given me, was a slim window of objectivity, on which I was going to construct. Ahead was the answer that would make human intelligence worthwhile.

Snapping a snapshot of society was easy -- the surprise is to realize that this would be the founding motivation of my professional and personal life.


A quick biographical overview

I was on the scientific network 25 years (yupp!) playing star trek with my 760 baud terminal which was hooked to the University central computer! I have been a witness to the coming through of the era we are in - and have seen tremendous advances.

Regretfully - we are now entering a phase of internet illiteracy - whereas the passing on of the initial network values tend to recede in the e-frenzy.

When working within the international scientific environment at the highest of the Cold War - I have had the privilege to meet and share moments with people who have molded my present day, and future vision of the network.

Netdiver is an initiative that is speeding towards making my vision of the network a reality, taking into account the new economic forces at play, the societal power of change, the capacity to generate an extended international collaborative community.

The launching of Netdiver - is but a very small demonstration, that years of research can be shelled in a visible reality - what is visible now, is but the beginning of the journey.

It takes enormous time, determination and dedication to maintain such a project that has partially demonstrated one of my economic related prediction: that freelancing in a networked environment would become a viable and growing standard for the financial survival and sustenance of highly motivated, competent and audacious professionals.

I will spare you all the whys and proofs of concept - since it is not my goal to have an economic discourse at present time.

The strength of a vision is tried over and over and the only way it survives adversities and pitfalls of being ahead of one's time - is patience.

So bear with me - when I say that some of the things happening now, I have been waiting over 34 years to see! So I guess, you can rightly conclude that I'm a patient person.

How valuable is Netdiver freelance community?

I don't pretend knowing it all - that's why I always wanted to build a solid network of experts, but most of my initiatives towards - communication, exchange, collaboration - have failed.

Netdiver objectives were mid-long term ones - since our strategies is to build the infrastructure (165 members), the credibility/visibility, promotion of the network, the international participation (visited by over 58 countries worldwide), finding strategies to sponsor and / or subsidize maintaining and updating the Netdiver and ultimately to offer the network to potential clients and generate virtual teams for punctual projects.

Here are some questions: do we share the same vision? How will you contribute/help the community henceforth?


Above excerpt from a message sent to the initial Netdiver freelance community. I kind of wonder if we should not RESET this project and put if forward?

What do you think of this possibility? Put FOLIO in subject field.

Some call me a 'power networker' and it is great to see individuals meshing and building stronger bonds within the industry - thus making the 'industry' stronger and more visible... I guess once a pioneer, always a pioneer.

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