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MOGO / WDDConference — Sessions Material

If you attended either one of the sessions I gave at Create Chaos / MOGO / WDDConference, I told you that the sessions pres would be available online. These are provided in outlined versions, since content live differs each time.

If you would like to inquire about my lecturing availabilities — don't hesitate — I love empowering people.

October 15 — Online the brand is you!

Portfolio websites for designers and developers can be a compelling way to switch jobs and find new clients.  Carole, editor of, will share tips that she has gathered from the thousands of sites that she has reviewed since inception.

These tips will show you the essential ingredients you need and why your online portfolio is all you've got, how to promote yourself as an individual brand from a communication point of view and kick your butt into gear to build a strong presence that brings in the money... uh... the results.

Additional reading material — here goes:

Portfolio checklist to build a great one

Building a portfolio can be a daunting task for anyone, so I thought I would share some pointers, a short checklist of what clients, potential employers and what, ultimately, netdiver is looking for.

Designers, respect yourself!!!

My two bits of advice, be careful when potential clients or employers all of a sudden become knowledgeable about the design field. First question that should pop in your mind: why in the first place, am I here?

The sacred art of R(eputation)

In this age of elevetation of (self) expression to status of sacredness there is something that frightens me out of my wit: the too often overlooked fact that on the web... anything... everything... is RECORDED somewhere.

October 16 — Being creative is NOT a job!

nota: Navigate by clicking top * and clicking again to reveal the PILLS content

To spark the flat out days, get a jar of these powerfull instant latency lot of suggestions, PILLS for the creative mind to stay inventive and maintain inspiration and lead you to blazing concepts and massive ideas.

_ _ _

Additionally this session is available as a full day theory and practice workshop and can be given within an organization, agency or education institution.

Additional reading material — here goes:

Creativity, the pursuit of change — .pdf reprint of article

Creativity is the capacity to evaluate, organize, deconstruct, interpret and synthesize chaos. The result? Assigning a systemically simple well-packaged new proposal to a problem.

It's all about being creative {Redux} version

Theme is carried on for another year. Why? Because the topic is not exhausted. We all share the same passion and the same needs: creativity is a constant quest.

The Projector (or guess what is imagination)

How formidable is that tool? The force of one’s imagination brought upon us some of the greatest achievements of humankind...

...Now, we might not get our boss or client to faint of ecstasy over our work but setting up the right environment to use the pressures will provide our extracting the best of our talent.

More brain bites to sustain a great design career

Unassigned, the future calls for submissions

A manifesto as to why I believe we have entered as special era whereas designers can change the world.

What I'm really looking for

Over the past 11 years I have literally visited well over a hundred thousand sites... It may seem a lot. You know what? It's definitely nothing compared to what is out there.

Afterchaos archive of past published articles centering around creativity and design.

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