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Design news | Nov 11


Playtype™ is a foundry font shop created by brand and design agency e-Types, as a showcase of more than 20 years of type design – from commissioned works to fonts created out of passion.

Digging this very cool website w/ left – right navigational panels. The layout is funky and well behaved as to placement of visuals showcasing some of the fonts.


Don’t forget to visit their store either IRL or online for more typogratifying products.

Heroes Design

Heroes Design is the portfolio of Piotr Buczkowski based in Poznań, Poland, who provides clients with solid and eye-catchy graphic design. Love the Podaj dalej x-mass (post) cards series for The Pay it Forward Foundation – a public organization that helps disabled children. Pro bono project.

Exquisite 3d shapes and composition.

Alt Hiroshi

Alt Hiroshi typeface by Andreas Leonidou.

‘Little Printer’

Little Printer‘ is all over the Internet this am.

Just scrolled the FastCo article – more pix available than on original website which is – imo – very unfortunate since I always like to go to the ‘source’- why not capitalize on branding the device publicly instead of circulating an obscure (kinda) web page.

Never never p.r. your material and not post on your own website.


Webpage has changed since first visiting early this am.


Not withstanding above – this is a cute (and promising) device.


BERG \ is an independent UK based ideas studio. They design seamlessly across a wide range of media such as print, screen and environment. They are known to push boundaries. As proof a stellar portfolio.

Love the logo using the backslash to complete the ‘R’ letter.


Sliding door section shows a preview of their recent work – click on – and takes you to the case study.

Check it out.

Image Festival

Image Festival is a yearly event focussing on all aspects of imagery and the image industry and collaborates with media institutes, educational centers, professional and business associations and with creative and cultural networks.

Presents a vivid cross-section of the international image scene. There is no other event in the world devoted to such diverse aspects of the image.

Tutti-fruti pastel website. Digging it!

30% off /ABA

A Book Apart (brief books for people who make websites) has got an holiday special: 30% off when you buy the whole collection.

Photek /EP

Gotta love the EP covers for Photek designed by Inventory Studio. Each have discrete or not so – 3d protuding geometrical shapes cloned from the original picture in background. Way to go for a super creative solution to a fraction of costs.

Clever. Fabulous.

Kulör *up

Kulör is a small London-based web design and development agency which collaboratively produces a wide variety of client websites and applications alongside creating and managing a series of internal publishing projects.. and they have new website.

Sliding door like interface – you see a sliver of their projects. Pick one and a text box appears on the left – expanding a bit the visual but still not revealing all.

Don’t know if having to folow URL is a better strategy than showing screen captures. What do you think?


Bianca Chang

What would you do with 180 sheets of 80gsm paper in A1 format? Check out what Bianca Chang does: 3d typography all hand cut and inserted to make amazing results.


Recent Works video.
The making of A video.


Poly™ by Innoiz

Innoiz via Jean-Christophe Naour just launch an application called Poly™ (for ipad). This project is inspired by the Triangulation invented by the mathematician Boris Delaunay in 1934.

While the process behind is complicated, the result reduce an image to its essentials, creating the illusions of triangles, prisms and pyramids.

See how it works.


Draw with points and turn your pictures into geometric array of colours w/ Poly™.

Design Studio

Quality projects by Design Studio. It’s a fast-moving industry they work in and with a growing number of corporate projects and boutique commissions, they need even more dexterous hands on deck…

If you’re interested – they are recruiting!


Excellent self-promo piece. View their showreel.

Matt Keers

Geometric shapes never looked so good. Check out cup and posters by Matt Keers. He has a terrific portfolio that range from illustration to art direction. Much talent.


Posters archive favorites.

Beauty Benefits

Beauty Benefits by Dr Daniel Hamermesh

Beauty may seem like enough of a reward in and of itself , but a wealth of research reveals it comes with extra perks: prettier people earn more money, find higher-earning and hotter spouses – even get better mortgages deals – and it may be because they develop higher self-esteem early on in life.

Hit the link above to view the whole infographic image.


How much more supercifial can it get? Seems that the hollywodean model of beautiful (and in this case – includes smarts) has reached new heights of deceptions. Living in society that nurturs such bias and that favor first (physical) impression over first smart impression – is depressing.

Granted when I started on the Internet – I was happy to hide my gender (and looks) behind a monitor to produce / publish work that appealed firstly to intellect.

Granted it was a powerful shelter as I pushed to explore, theorize and consume information – never giving a thought (till this day) to who is behind my quest to discover talent.

But this research – is a throw back.

Guy Hulse

Guy Hulse is a graphic designer with a deep felt passion for design for print, brand identity and letterpress typography. Moodstream concept postcard box-set, designed for Getty Images as a giveaway, is a good example.

Scroll down to see more of his work.

Heydays redux

Heydays is a design studio that creates strong visual concepts which trigger curiosity, create enthusiasm and show ambition. They listen, research and challenge. They remove noise to add value.

They just launched their new website – from Oslo with love.

Still going strong creativaly and projects output.

Foundry Co

Foundry Co is a creative branding agency and the collaborative effort of Paul Wilkes and Scott Hill. Rooted in the art of creating beautiful things and a strong senses of style in both modern and vintage aspects, applying a fresh approach to projects across the globe.

Wonder how they have acquired such a successful sense of what retro-modern is about.

Arkitypo /3

Back in August, the Johnson Banks started Arkitypo, an unusual project where they are creating an alphabet of three dimensional letters which came about during conversations with a current client, Ravensbourne, who have some absolutely state-of-the-art 3d prototyping machinery and skills.

Showing examples and work in progress – at the end they are hoping to produce a definitive set of photographs, posters (perhaps with luck an exhibition of the actual objects).


Arkitypo, part one


Arkitypo, part two


Arkitypo, part three

Plastic Fantasy

TOMAAS .. is a New York based fashion and beauty photographer who has staged a breath taking series titled: Plastic Fantasy. Using plastic wrap, straws, forks, transparent bulbs even garbage bags, what was created is simply, astounding.

Creativity yields wonders.


via: Laura Radulescu

Dowling Duncan

With offices in both the UK and the US, multidisciplinary design studio Dowling Duncan offers a collective experience of over 30 years in the industry. They aim to deliver appropriate and engaging work, solving problems with intelligent ideas whilst exploring the possibilities of creativity and craft.

And they do it well – shall I add.

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Illustration: Industria Argentina / Tecnópolis illustration by Martin Orza Uk

Established in 2000, based in the industrial city of Sheffield Uk, dust is a commercial graphic arts and design studio producing work across media and application.

Gotta love their stringed together boxy portfolio presentation. Instant impression? Done!

Rosie Lee

Rosie Lee is a hybrid creative agency hailing from London, UK. With on and offline expertise in branding, advertising and retail design, they bring to life the innovative ideas brands need in today’s cluttered marketing space.

The website is exquisitely well-crafted with loads but yet not overwhelming projects and information about these. All sections invites user to investigate more with a generous amount of visuals, makes you appreciate their expertise.

Mattia Castiglioni

Mattia Castiglioni is an Italian graphic designer based in Milian. Check out the identity system project he did for Cameraoff photography studio.

Love the references to lens parts of a camera used to create the logo. The choice of black & white is elegant and infers the largely perceived notion that black & white photography is the most difficult to achieve thus granting a high level of added value to client.

This Spot /cc

Cuban Council conceived an app that would allow them to make use of most tools/technologies/services that a client would likely ask of them.


This Spot is part utility (weather app), part random reward, part (anonymous) geo-location and part social sharing. Fun to look at, somewhat purposeful in use and in a very generic way, reflects crowd-sourcing for regional sentiments.


Supra nice interface – smooth functionalities. Random photographs supplied. Wonder where they are from though.. and why the black ’round’ is now a square?

Guess who’s freezing at 36 degrees?

Helen Yentus

Book cover designed by Helen Yentus.


The Tattoo Artist by Jill Ciment


Words Without Borders – Publisher: Anchor


Ministry of Special Cases by Nathan Englander


The Innovator’s Cookbook by Steven Johnson. Watch the making of the cover video to see how the letters were done. Amazing.


Making It Up by Penelope Lively

Purposive Drift

Purposive Drift: Making It Up As We Go Along by Richard Oliver

It is a common theory that successful people live their lives like a project plan, so we struggle to shape our lives along a pre-determined path. Instead, Oliver asserts that that the majority of people, many of them very successful, make it up as they go along.


In the brave new world of bureaucratic rationality the answers "I don’t know" or "I don’t know yet" are perceived as signs of incompetence or irresponsibility.

Download the .pdf

No boundaries

Jeff Rogers knows no boundaries nor media limitations. His work ranges from typography, graphic design, illustration, editorial design, book covers, posters, branding.. You name it – his vivid imagination, sense of play (when not downright spoofy) has probably embraced it all.

Like the slim white bordered content area offsets the projects preventing a chromatic clash w/ landscape photography. The right black tabs nav complements it all.

Featuring the ten entrepreneurs behind the best up-and-coming technology startups for collaborative consumption, COMMON Pitch NYC will highlight the smartest and most efficient ways to utilize social technologies to borrow, share or trade the things we all use.

COMMON – the new industrialists.

Future of interaction

A brief rant on the future of interaction design by Bret Victor

As it happens, designing future interfaces for the future used to be my line of work. I had the opportunity to design with real working prototypes, not green screens and After Effects, so there certainly are some interactions in the video which I’m a little skeptical of, given that I’ve actually tried them and the animators presumably haven’t.


But that’s not my problem with the video Productivity Future Vision (2011).


I’m going to talk about that neglected third factor, human capabilities. What people can do. Because if a tool isn’t designed to be used by a person, it can’t be a very good tool, right?


via: Philippe Archontakis

Prolific 000MGz

Now much info available about who is behind – but loads of logos and brand marks by 000MGz. Prolific output.


As shown in their logo, MacFadden & Thorpe dig bright contrasting colors and their work is essentially that. Bright – as in smart; contrasting – as in their assignments; colourful as in their typographic penchant.


Loooove this. M&T Yearbook #1. A small book documenting their first year in business through the projects they worked on and the people and adventures they brought us.

(If you want a copy, drop them a line.)


Chronicle Books Branding. Elements from annual graphic identity systems that played off the theme of seeing differently.

RePrint c/

RePrint is a downloadable calendar that you can print onto the reverse of your misprints to get a second use out of them. Such a simple useful idea to reverse waste.

Grayden Poper

Gotta love how Grayden Poper introduces himself with four different action figures: These are some of the things I wanted to be when I grew up, but instead, I ended up as an Interactive Designer.

Niiiice side panel navigation. Good idea since his website holds on a one-pager scroll.

Last Clock

Last Clock is engineered and designed by Newmedialogy as a visual memory of the last 60 seconds, the last 60 mintues and the last 12 hours in an never-ending process which was 10 years in the making. It is a personal piece of media art that keeps you in factual time, human time and remote time.


Last Clock App for everyday context.


Be ready to be amazed!

Twitter limit?

Twitter now has set an ‘hour’ limit usage?!?! Careful – people I am following appeared as a 404 page as in image below.. so almost deleted them from my list..

Wonder if Robert Scoble, Jason Santa Maria, Ashton Kushtner other big following accounts are under the same limitation?

You experienced this?

Matthieu Belin

Qiu Hao F/W 2011 Serpens collection captured by Matthieu Belin. Conceptually way-up there above any folds. The garments are none you can wear easily even to a red carpet event but the model conveys a futuristic glimpse into what fashion can be.

Superb photography!


DeKloutifying by John Scalzi

Wherein lies a problem: Who made Klout the arbiter of online influence, aside from Klout itself?

This is sad, and possibly evil. It’s especially sad and possibly evil because as far as I can see, Klout’s business model is to some greater or lesser extent predicated on exploiting that status anxiety.

Must read article.


Icon design for ‘Bloomberg Markets Magazine’ by Tim Boleaars.


DESIGNerd for design enthusiasts. Discover the 100+ Design Trivia Games are the personal selection of trivia questions from some of the most significant and respected designers in the world.

Each 100+ Trivia volume is produced as a limited edition.


Read some questions here: DESIGNerd, A Trivia Game That Pits You Against Stefan Sagmeister And Steve Heller by FastCo design.


Wish list? By Heller+Talarico and Zagmeister packs.

Must read

Book recommendation and currently reading:

The Design Entrepreneur by Steven Heller, Lita Talarico

Turning graphic design into goods that sell. Designers are used to working for clients, but there is nothing better than when the client is oneself. Graphic and product designers, who are skilled with the tools and masters aesthetics, are now in the forefront of this growing entrepreneur movement.

If you’re considering this avenue – and even if published in 2008 – the approach and processes in the introduction and tips from the case studies make this book a must.


Look inside the book.


Steven Heller and Lita Talarico are co-chairs of the MFA Design program of the School of Visual Arts where students are encouraged to become design entrepreneurs.


Outlook Report

As one of the largest interactive marketing and technology companies in the world, Razorfish helps its clients build better brands by delivering business results through customer experiences.

Every now and then they publish gathered data and feedback from clients and industry watchers to put together the Outlook Report.

Want insights about the on-going global changes shaping the business of design – check-out the issues and pick one that you like.

There’s no better time to start something.


Nice website w/ round visuals replicated throughout sub-level pages.

Alias agency

Alias is a type foundry and graphic design agency founded by David James and Gareth Hague. They craft bespoke and innovative projects for clients from sectors as diverse as art, fashion, publishing and business.

Geometric or aleatory shapes – mostly overtakes their projects.


Sebastien Roux aka SUPERDEUX is a freelance graphic designer. He currently produces work in: motion graphics, character design, identity design, and toy design.


Urban Pop culture and its ever-changing faces are the inspirational elements for his project development and designs.

He has a preference for strong solid colors and big-eyed character personalization.< Amusement guaranteed.

Eco pink

Going minimal with less foam but confortable and pink and loving it! The Ritz sofa by Bertjan Pot.

Bye-bye Flash

Jobs Was Right: Adobe Abandons Mobile Flash, Backs HTML5 by Mike Isaac

In an abrupt about-face in its mobile software strategy, Adobe will soon cease developing its Flash Player plug-in for mobile browsers.

“HTML5 is now universally supported on major mobile devices, in some cases exclusively,” Adobe VP Danny Winokur said in a clear reference to Apple’s rejection of Flash support on its dominant iOS devices: the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

“This makes HTML5 the best solution for creating and deploying content in the browser across mobile platforms.

And with that, Adobe signaled the end of the Flash era on at least the mobile web, as Steve Jobs predicted.

Twitter Stories?

Don’t know how long they will maintain this but Twitter Stories are inspiring. Perhaps a little pat on the back as to the power of 140 characters – but yet – not only the website is beautiful, the stories are good too.


Quote by Chad Ochocinco:

A successful person is one who builds a strong foundation with bricks that others have thrown at them. #keepthrowing


To send your story – use this hashtag: #TwitterStory


via: Jordan Halvorsen

MrWong’s S’P

Who remembers? ~~MrWong’s Soup’Partments~~ – the world’s tallest virtual building which started in 2002, whereas you got your very own apartment and using a template you would pixel-designed it? In the end there were 406 residents and the building was 2,000 meters high. Now terminated – you can still view it.

Scroll to bottom and work your way up.

Spoofy – funny – nerdy and a lots and lots of pixels.

11 yrs strong

ala is the cooperation of Ala Ramildi and René Keller. The duo formerly known as ala webstatt has been working in the fields of illustration, screendesign and coding for rditorial, websites, games, mobile apps, e-Learning applications and advertising since 1999.

Hooked-up with Ala and was smitten by her minuscule pixel illustrations. I still remember the tiny pixel based design of her first website.


Back in 2003..


And now 2011. Having opted for a one-pager – watch what happens when you scroll down. Niiice transitions.. Javascript is getting more and more powerful to create dazzling visual fx.

Congrats to a long-enduring team! Your rock.

TRÜF mobile

TRÜF has customized their website site for optimal mobile experience on iPhone and Android. Both the main site and mobile site are running off the same customized WordPress CMS. Now that is superb mobile design (and experience)!

Check it out.

Juhana Hurtig

Juhana Hurtig is a 30 years old skater, dad, husbander, bicycler, swimmer, runner, photographer and illustrator from Helsinki, Finland. His style his a cross between psychedelia meets hand-drawn childhood memories. Some of his concepts are profoundly sizing the client intent and delivered in a pared down powerful way.


Such a brilliant illustration, title self-explicit (at least for the first word)!

Piratism / Suomen Kuvalehti


Big visuals for Buorre agency

Magazine a/d

Leslie David is a Paris based graphic designer. She has a penchant for whimsical themes, geometric forms and minimalist layouts especially for the fashion and music industry.

Love the art direction she did for the Magazine project that bears her signature and vision. Beautiful work.

Toys + Watches

Toys + Watches = Kidrobot and Swatch massive multi-faceted project whereas they lend their signature styles to a roster of eight talented global artists.

3-inch Dunny and watch sets are available now.


Love Song by Tilt


Ski Instructor by Frank Kozik


The So Far Away by Jeremyville


Shout Out by MAD


via: Thunder Chunky (more pix)

Oink it!

With Oink you don’t rate places — you rate the things inside. We need builders like you to fill it with the best stuff. For all foodies and teckies.


Oink is brought to you by Milk, founded by Kevin Rose who started the popular Digg website back in 2004.

Corriette Schoenaerts

Corriette Schoenaerts is based in Netherlands, primarily a photographer who has two evident passions. Mix media installations and typography – which projects – she stages and shoots herself.


“I’ve never seen it as typography; I see it as words and language that I capture in photography.”



More of her work here:

Ouch! Splinter

Ouch! Splinter by Arslan Shahid.

This 3D typeface is made from triangular pieces of cut up cardboard. It was created with the notion of war, taken from the perspective of the mood and atmosphere it creates in areas of conflict.

Social Design Poster

Social Design Poster call for entries.

To reach the great purpose of the humankind’s well-being we should start from an internal disarment, start from "The Healing Power of Dialogue".

Deadline: February 29


Very pretty colours, motion graphics and high-speed photography advert for a TV on demand company. Rebrand and visual rehaul brought to you by ManvsMachine in collaboration with Proud Creative.

Watch it: BT Vision Rebrand

Bernadette Jiwa

You are the Map Maker by Bernadette Jiwa

This is the start of a journey, one where you will be challenged to take your self-doubt, bundle it up and chuck it overboard.


Download (free .pdf) insights from 13 of the most creative and resourceful entrepreneurs on the planet.

Project Pjusk

Norwegian electronica project Pjusk (signed to the US label 12k) teamed up with the German digital artist Till Nowak to create an artistic music video. As a base for Nowaks digital visual extensions they were given the chance to use aerial footage by Fuglefjellet, a Norwegian design and production company.

Aerial – lofty – slow – as the music movement.


Movember Mo Bros raise funds by seeking out sponsorship for their Mo-growing efforts. Mo Bros effectively become walking, talking billboards for the 30 days of November. Through their actions and words, they raise awareness by prompting private and public conversation around the often ignored issue of men’s health.


~ Mr bingo ~ illustrated contribution.


Domestik ran by Stéphane Arriubergé and Massimiliano Iorio, introduces collections of objects designed by designers, graphic artists and artists gathered around innovating and new concepts and themes.

All these objects have the particularity of offering an area where the end user can intervene and be free in the creation process.

Some of my fav.

No space for shelves? Solution? Souvenirs.


Matali Grasset (one of my fav designer) offers D Fuse landscape one.


Funky pixelized digital Delaware forest.

Ken Pils

Sweden based photographer Ken Pils – is specialized in interior photography. He was given his first camera on his 10th anniversary and that’s how his journey started. He’s travelled a lot – stayed in Bulgaria 10 years – to polish his style.

Him and I have a lot in common: we love minimalist staging, lots of white, contrasting but not harsh lighting.

Andrea Wan

Editorial illustration for Avenue Magazine by Andrea Wan. Born in Hong Kong and raised in Canada, she attended Emily Carr U. where she received a degree in Film, Video and Integrated Media.

With a strong passion in storytelling and image making, she went on to study illustration and design at Designskolen Kolding, Denmark.

She is currently working as an illustrator and visual artist in Vancouver, BC.


Love this tee design for MixTape. Sold-out.

w/ Fairspot

Not that I’m nostalgic – well ok just a tad some – if you want to know some of my net wonders and why – one of my fav interview w/ Fairspot. Circa? Few years back.


I am a rebel to conformity – not for the sake of being rebellious, but because I object intellectually to pre-hashed over baked answers. When I was very young, I knew that in order to change the world, some kind of a world wide communication platform was necessary.


{ Above a precocious insight of the _Internet_ }

Simple lines

Simplicity, timelessness, quality and craftsmanship have all been at the centre of their philosophy for more than ninety years now.

Love the Pastoe boxes cupboards.


Meet the Groucho brothers of the illustration world who delight in creating tutti-fruti (and all shades in-between) of luscious projects often times populated by abnormally funny flexible characters!


Brosmind is a studio based in Barcelona founded by Juan and Alejandro Mingarro in 2006. Their style is fresh and optimistic and always combines fantasy and humour. Their illustrations have been awared with the most prestigious international awards, like Cannes Lions, Clio, Eurobest, Graphis, Sol, CdeC, Laus, among others…


Brosmind talks are fresh, freak and funny shows. Powerpoint sucks! and Keynote is so cool, clean and mac style, maybe perfect if you are a trendy designer, fun of iphone lovers, but not for Brosmind!

Yepp they got their very own lecture app designed by Flan*.


Found this long time running website – who remembers Netbabyworld? It was one of the true ‘pixel’ goodness spot.

Live Visualization

Live Visualization by LIA software art

The Austrian artist Lia – one of the early pioneers of Software and Net Art – has been creating digital art, installations and sound works since 1995. Her Internet works combine various traditions of drawing and painting with the aesthetic of digital images and algorithms.

They are characterized by a minimalist quality, and by an affinity with conceptual art.

If you’re interested – check-out Lia’s videos.


For each of the 33 Songs a separate visual piece was prepared depending on the mood of the music as well as on the content of the texts. The software tool is programmed in a such a way that while the visuals react directly to the sound input, which can be controlled through an audio mixing table, various parameters of the generation of the image can also be controlled via the keyboard.

The software tool was programmed using the open source software OpenFrameworks.


Antechamber (A Free Typeface) by Alex Varanese

Architecture and type design have a lot in common. Both demand technical precision and creative expression in equal measures, both elevate the interplay between negative and positive space to a level beyond that of most art forms, and both face the unenviable expectation of conveying beauty while remaining inconspicuous.


Don’t miss the video. Sound track reminds of early Mario Bros.


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