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All you need is love

Today, I am experiencing one of those days. I am sure you are familiar with the expression. Possibly, you get them too.

I am an optimist by nature. An indefatigable, idealist and die-hard believer that good can prevail no matter the ocean-size-all-around-cynicism.

That no matter the adversities, everybody is capable of climbing the highest mountains and encompass along the way challenges.

All we need is love!

All we need is an inner conviction strong as steel that will bend the walls down and pave a new way.

All we need is a little help from our neighbors.

All we need is a strong hold, a tight fist hold on our goals, dreams, life objectives.

All we need is convictions that pushes us to walk the talk instead of talking about the walk.

All we need is to understand that millions of people out there are becoming cultural creatives just as I am one.

All we need is light on the way.

But today, I am having one of those days:

Where I wish my voice was capable of telling M$ hands-off my workstation and stop ripping us off.

Where I wish that corporate robbers, tyrants, monopolists, liars, fact hiders, book cookers and people enslavers be sent cozily where they belong.

Where I wish justice for all would prevail.

Where truth would dumbfound and shut the mouths of liars and thus, making a lot of people free from deceiving and poisonous words.

Where reputation destroyers would get counsel and see how their deeds are hurting all.

Where we fight lazy negativism for the purpose of empowering individuals to fulfill their potential and meet their responsibilities.

Where CorpWatch organizations deploy around the world as we strive to develop an alternate economy.

Where we endorse value-based businesses, contracts and contacts rather than submitting to greed, socio+eco exploitation while generating revenues for a selected few.

Where the work we do is rewarded as it should be.

Where respect, communication and education are the highest priorities so all our human voices are threaded together to build a better world.

Wish I was not having of one those days.


Policy Network. We must fight lazy negativism. It is Progressive politics that has the intellectual strength to face the challenges of the modern world by Tony Blair.

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