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What if?

From our home and heart to your home and heart - it's the season! Wishes of peace, luv and new challenges.


a) the act or power of imagination

b) mode of seeing or conceiving

c) unusual discernment or foresight

d) the special sense by which the qualities of an object (as color, luminosity, shape and size) constituting its appearance are perceived


a) standard of perfection, beauty, or excellence

b) ambition to better themselves or the world at large

Cynics: only interested in themselves and not sincere

What value is there to be given to our gift of expression as designers?

After all what if all that is good and inspiring was to disappear? Would our soul find depth and sustenance playing the never ending games of mortal combats with all the evil empires and bad guys out there?

What if all our rights and right to do it right be taken away? What if it meant to be led into subservient mind slavery to the whims and foul desires of people we would never trust anytime anywhere in the first place anyway?

What if we surrender our will to no more analysis and critical thinking in order that our senses be overpowered and dominated by all these things that deplete body, mind, spirit and soul in the end?

What if the circle of madness was finally completed leaving no more chance, nor place, nor voice, to generate change ever?

What if the world became a uniformed and uniformizing society where our identity counts as much as a couple of digits on a spread-sheet?

What if the sun would not rise?

What if war became the mode de vie all over the world?

What if evolution of the fittest would generate warmongers empty headed clones and drones that would constitute the new societal fabric and world order?

What if peace luvers, care givers, selfless souls and all beauty suddenly disappeared?

It is time. To all the dreamers (designers) who yearn for sublime truth and light - let's engage to do and be more next year.


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