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On being refuseniks!

One of the hardest thing I found in life is to learn to say *no*.

How about you?

I've raised three kids - have nurtured and love them dearly but the process of education is all about learning what is right and wrong.

Same goes for advertising. The sheer communication power of ads is phenomenal but why would they want us buying in the fantasy make-believe world they display? Recently, it dawn on me that all of it is comparable to a huge candy store which you pass by with your kid who in the process, becomes a pest because of wanting to go in the store. And you say no... because your know the candy is not real. But it looks real enough and right there, he/she throws a Richter 8.2 magnitude tantrum!

Because the candies look real with so much perfect flavors, it lures, tantalizing the senses and appeals to try them all; and if you can't get them all, at least sample a couple. Ever wonder why there's so much effort given to build this fake attraction and perfection?

As humans, deep down, we long for perfection. We yearn for a better world, for improving the quality of our life, for better tools and food and where our aches be made well. Simply put, it appeals to wanting to have the best for ourselves and family.

I often do ads analysis - as an intellectual and creative exercise where I mentally redo the ad and imagine a different one that would be *natural*. Not in the granola sense implied by eating hydroponically grown without additives carrots but natural, in the sense, of the real human needs communicated in a real world situation by non-surgically improved and healthy models...

It is pretty darning to see that even our most basic needs are projected within an environment of asepticized beauty and ultimately, an unreal way. What is wrong with just showing a natural setting for the need to be communicated from? Has life become so ordinary - that we need the flashy contraptions to buy toilet paper, shampoo, tooth paste and veggies? Why is there a need to use lies?

Has our deepest unmet longings become an addiction where we run constantly from our reality?

Just say no. Let's be refuseniks.


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