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Creativity is?

Firstly, chance has got nothing to do with it:

a. The unknown and unpredictable element in happenings that seems to have no assignable cause.

b. A force assumed to cause events that cannot be foreseen or controlled; luck.

c. The likelihood of something happening; possibility or probability.


What do you value most? A big fat check or creative latitude?

I tend to prefer the latter. Why?

One thing I realize after many years as a communication designer, is that it's never *finished*.

I mean - I know nothing compares to what is to be learned.

I need to better constantly knowledge of my trade.

I do it, because designing is my passion.

So a project that affords me creative latitude - instead of using past knowledge - serves actually as a launching pad for new experimentations, discoveries and self-reinvention.

A project that appeals to my acquired skills is by definition, asking that I translate for a client what I already know, and have already done, to meet their particular expectations.

I know, I know paying the bills is important but like someone said: *creativity is afforded through time*.

It's not like a product.

When manufactured and sold, you can expect to make multiple profits from the sales of the product.

Creativity on the other hand, is not product-base - it is time-base.

So profits are dependent on the *time* you can afford to spend and... time is NOT renewable.

Basically, today is all the time we have.

I would rather use my time today to challenge myself, keep the flame burning high, find a new perspective, create a new project and acquire more knowledge.

Sometimes, I do have to balance both.

How about you?


The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

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