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Designers, respect yourself!!!

Now you tell me why I feel utterly uncomfortable when reading such a sentence from a reputed head hunter???

“Designers with 3 to 5 years of experience, depending on where they worked previously, will be able to speak to working with ethnographers and other research specialists and to participating in observing consumers and getting their input in the design process or sharing design concepts with them.

You want to hear about the dozens of magazines they subscribe to personally, that are available to them at work, or that they look at online; the conferences they attend; the sites and blogs they look at; the trade shows they attend; the people in their network who are experts in another field. You also want to know about interests from outside the design world.”

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My two bits of advice, be careful when potential clients or employers all of a sudden become knowledgeable about the design field. First question that should pop in your mind: why in the first place, am I here?

Granted we are at the service of a project or company, but as I have said over and over: You own the talent, not them, which does not allow for CIA like interviews and POW working environments.

Why design continues to be perceived so lowly, boggles me no end. Why all kind of interview tactics (some are ok) some dubious, still used to evaluate candidates? Perhaps an insight gained over the years is the fact that we work in the field of intangibles (ideas) and that is a direct threat to bean counters, results addicted XLsheeters and most covert/overt control freaks.

Bottom line, there is a good chance we cannot be set in a convenient box where limits and hence controls, can be exercised without us offering counter arguments.

Someone recently referred to our profession as this: “Oh designers they ALL are in this weird space.”

Careful of the mind leeches who will suck up the life out of you, if granted. Respect yourself, your ideas and build a solid portfolio.

Protect yourself with a long list of contractual items. Anything more costs more. Period.

When things are going to be OK, good vibe, synergy, match of need and talent, get it all down in writing still! One of the most unpredictable relationship to be in is probably a client / designer one.

One day they luv you... the other day, they are waging war.

In the end, whoever signs the cheque is the boss. So make sure to cut it fair for yourself.

And although it may be hard, if everything does not go according to plan, take your part of responsibility and move on.

A career is a learning process, not a final destination.


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