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By Design is KING

By design, means that what we do is both spontaneous and thought out, deliberate, intentional.

Although we are very capable of doing multiple short-cut commands that can be dazzling to watch, design is NOT accidental.

It is NOT brought forth by the magical and elusive CRTL/CMD+D(esign) command, although some ignorati would probably prefer so, to be.

By design is taking the intangible and rendering it! Even if it is easy to think so - it is NOT easy to do so. Some make the doing literally painful and sometimes - down and out, almost futile.

By design is NOT a job! The talent belongs to a person and that person is YOU and you are worthy - no matter what anybody says.

Ever thought how much money is saved because we mostly are never told how great we design, or appreciated or paid or respected by our bosses, clients and the vast public out there?

Geez whiz this way, they can all go on exploiting and skeezing more juice out of us... without too much complaint. We do pay bills, right?

WHY??? Because we have a passion for what we do. Because we believe in what we do.

Because NOTHING it seems can bring us to give up wanting to better communicate with the world around us.

I can't stand it anymore!

Many have read, heard, experienced what I call the banalization of the design profession.

It's all over! A new trend?? Downsizing the value of design, meaning your, my value.

I see it - then I want to DO it.


Vision: the act or power of imagination.

Make the next step of my vision a reality. For this to happen, there are many ways to do so.

I have been researching for many years and I think, I am ripe for delivery.

So what am I waiting for?

Can't be done without YOU.

There, I said it. Without you - no go.

I need each and everyone of you to take that vision to heart, so we can kickstart one of the greatest effort ever done to raise awareness of both clients and the general public that by Design is KING!

And then as a bonus, why not, even declare Design to be the ?th ART!

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