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Dear R{eader}

One of my key sentence in articles I wrote, conferences I gave and consulting with clients lately is:

KNOW your audience well!

Well this am, hum-hum, I'm going to practice this with YOU!

I realize that a *voice* is something that has to do with the personality perceived from the words read.

Now what do you say? Would you describe netdiver as:

a) professional, and that's what I want

b) journalistic, objective and that's fine with me

c) opiniated but not enough biting criticism and I wish for perspective

d) personal and yet, I would like more...

e) duh girrrl... dunno

This is not a catch 22 it is a sincere rethinking of the *expression* direction I wish to take... after 7.5 years, it's time!

OK yesterday while partially listening to the soapy and badly acted biopic, ,this sentence strucked me:

"...People don't need to be told how to do something (instance: fold a napkin...) they need to be entertained..." (The husband on how to write a book)

Which led me to think about how I saw netdiver's role through the years, mostly as an intermediating resource between the building of a new media, the builders' community and ultimately, the consumers (our clients).

The offering was: build the content around a core of journalistic values and non-equivocal review policy which one of its main objectives was to achieve *professional* recognition for our industry.

Recently, I have received many comments about the *thoughts* and *articles* I've been publishing regurlarly in the past 2-3 years, whereas overall this is one of your strong interest in netdiver.

We know that netdiver serves as either:

- a scouting reference for outsourcing

- an inspiration boards for client projects or student works

- a traffic and awareness generating divingboard promoting talent or projects

- supportive soapbox for our new media community

- industry strength leveraging value for agencies / freelancers

- a pulse taking hub for media folks and other big corporations having dedicated research people scouring the community for trends.

I run this resource alone, there is no big team behind (except for my partner) and in the past year, there has been a lot going on behind the scene: backend reevaluation, design rethinking and new columns. Expect changes in the upcoming months.

So won't you let me know, how YOU use the resource, what you like best and what is missing?

-> next: *D* Renaissance


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