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Post_SXSW /03 after_words

Event attending + name dropping and why I think it's important.

Everyone, including me, wants to meet with those hard working heroes who have had a direct impact on our lives, empowering us with their explorations, theories, hacks, solutions, thoughts, advance and mostly, their incredible generosity, at making the web become.

It's up to you to find out who is behind the names if you don't know them already.

From the WIFI front and beyond:

The future? WIFI connections were available at the convention hall + omni bar and even off the street as mentioned by Boris. I met people who like Tantek had their fingers glued to their keyboard while mingling and talking with great insigths all the while preparing their upcoming session.

Met for the first time with Joe (which I almost strangled at BBWB because we were waiting for him and he was waiting for us); his session was as high octane as the man is. Hardly was able to snatch a *still* picture of him. Such energy, confidence and knowledge.

Geez these are really multi_tasking people and Karl (click the *English* link to get instant translantion) provided en français a review of the sessions he attended!!! Learned also that the biggest web standards meeting ever, took place in Montreal two weeks ago.

So it all started with telling Brad with whom we broke bread that I had invited a couple more people and was looking forward to say hello to Adrian while I catched up with Nick and Matt with whom I have co_located with while attending 3 years ago.

Brad provided tags *Hello! My url is* to identify and a discussion arose from the fact that perhaps a lot of people may know the *url* more than the name of site owner.

Adam improvised on the dilemna and wrote a defining url on my badge which I wore on top of the official one. Adam is a sweet man, incredibly brillant and he is brewing a brave new world of which I want to be part of.

Saw Jeffrey with Carrie sporting *the* special ring; congrats I love you both. The zip presentation of CSS: Between the Style Sheets is available here.

The blog front is growing and Ernie won an award while after some weird retelling of party talk, was introduced to Evans, whose real cool shoes I had earlier remarked in the elevator.

Oh and this time around, Mike did recognize me!

The zona rosa 20x2 event was fabulous tx to Kevin and Jeff who worked real hard (and to Darren for his flash code); Jessica wore her original armadillo's handbag and participants had prepared moving and inspiring answers.

Tx to Pixeltees for the fab Ts I wore that night.

We took a healthy walk with Steve and Heather to meet with WD_list folks I've known for eons (well web_eons) Scott and Joey just to make it in time for the awards show.

Fell f2f, en route to attend personal needs, with Julia and Adriana with whom we dined and chilled (literally, we were sitting outside on a beautiful porch by the river) until the wee hours.

Eric served as my seventh *what do you make of this?* volunteer during my session; tx to all the others who helped! Everyone proved one of the most important point: creativity is a leap of faith into the unknown.

(More on the session sometimes soon - I will make a pdf of the hand_out for download).

Kelly's proud father is Josh (she just looks like you man) and I missed Heather distribution of little monster toys while James and I seemed to catch each other sight a lot in the corridors.

Also, JF who is my absolute other, partner, inspiration and best friend was immersing on his first time attending and, was like a fish in a bowl with all the nice geeks / nerds / hacks around, amongst others, Jesse and Tim.

Kudos to Heather + panellists which turned out to be MY meat and motivational refreshment. Some points I remember: "In risky times it's time to take a risk" - "Reposition your expertise" - "Small shops can offer great deals to clients".

I met with Ryan, Billy, Jared, Trevor, Dave, John, Rannie (who I hope shot some good pictures :), Stephen and Kathy and many others to which I apologize for not putting your name here, I remember you all.

To give you an indication of the input/output ratio of these people is impossible in words but all made an impact that helps me to grow one way or another.

The WeB is yet to come! Don't give up taking your chances since the voices of the real players are finding its way and place.

On my wishlist: the cool 15" G4 MAC laptop (to do site platform checking) and use WIFI and do instant updates.

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