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Ad indigestion

And you thought the browsers war was over? Now here's an example that makes my adrenalin shoot high.

Wouldn't that be quite an incentive to start it all over again - not on the basis of standards compliancy but on the basis of advertising indigestion?

Check this page in IE and click on oval addy. See what I mean?!?! Complete layer over with form over content... Open the same page in Netscape - tada! No layer, no spam, just plain (dumb) advertising...

Ever wondered why agencies / new media studios are providing such services? Worst, which? Don't fool yourselves, there are very real programmers and designers who around the clock are producing these ads - unless you prefer to think that marketing heads suddenly became proficient in dhtml layer effects and pop-unders!

Is that all there's left to build on the web: spam strategies? Thanks to this new marketing disease infecting us with an even higher level of noise while reading content!

No wonder news anchor keep bitching the IT industry. (I feel like bitching myself too).

This clamoring_renewed_noise_fever, this *new ad age* is proliferating and must be oh so profitable since all over, sites are jumping the band wagon. I bet these consenting sites just feel on top of the world with their brand new invasive tactics - oh, let's not forget the accounting depts reporting to grinning CFOs as they watch their bank accounts swell.

Btw don't forget to empty your cache more often - since that's all we get: a swollen cache.

I wonder how indie content producers who have no/low noise policies will survive?

...I think it's time for another survey.

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