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digital culture, guess what???

I just made a search for a domain name with a .org extension. My registry company says the name is *taken*.

OK. Fine. I write the in my browser and guess what???

Oh there's definitely a site there - but it's the site of another registry that is showing a button *request a price* for

By curiosity - I click it and guess what???


...The minimum quoted price will be be at least $688, and could be as much as $10,000 (!!!)

We are only able to respond to serious requests that are complete and accurate.

Any false (sic)* or unverifiable information will receive higher prices (sic)* or have submissions deleted...



BTW all this serious request for info is on an *unsecured* page, and at the bottom guess what???

I'm served a 2 fat paragraph sales pitch on the value to my business (sic)* of valuation and that in fact, paying a couple of thousands is clearly a bargain (sic)*!


Guess what???

I was happy to find out that they favor email for providing support (gotta love this scheme: after showering them with a couple of grands well I only get email support - how handy)...


Guess what???

I quickly sent them a little note saying:


I've read with much interest your request price for a *premium* domain name.

BTW *.org* are for non-profit organizations - hence NOT for business.

It is very sad that you have rented this domain to sell your registerering services.

Using a .org for.. profits.



*(sic) though you literally might feel sick after reading (sic) means: that the word(s) before are written as they are and there are no mistakes from editor in citing these back.

If even for a commercial use or not domain squatting is ugly business! End of it.

Flaming their servers wouldn't do any good.

As an optimist - I hope one neuron in their conscience has popped *on* for a nanosecond and guess what???

Perhaps a tsunami (of change) can wipe them all away???

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