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It's all about being creative

Theme is carried on for another year. Why?

Because the topic is not exhausted. We all share the same passion and the same needs: creativity is a constant quest.

°° Creativity is the source power to an ever soaring imagination

°° Creativity is the land of the possible in the face of the impossible

°° Creativity is the manifest of life

°° Creativity is NOT a profession! It's a mindset!


1. Creativity starts with your talent

It takes a lot of courage to free dive and leap in the unknown - pride is just ignorance - you have got to BELIEVE in yourself... alone.

Creativity puts talent to work. Read somewhere that talent is everything you succeed at doing the first time around. Be it a Bechamel or whatever.

Creativity is building talent by repeated exposure to challenges.

2. High stakes

Blank space + blank state leads to conceptual yearning - PRESSURE is the mother of all inventions - tension is the enemy of creation

The inner ultimatum of having to do something with a sense of temporary irrelevancy, powerlessness, self-doubt and impeding self-doom by fear of nothing popping up.

Pressure: ex of the lemon squeezing to extract juice. You need to press it quite hard depending on ripeness... yet not crush it. You may need to exact the pressure more than once to collect all the juice.

Examples of pressures? Deadlines, boss or client expectations, and constraints of the project or media.

Against Tension: ex. Brings to the breaking point of an elastic band.

Examples of tension building situations?

Break down of communication, mistrust, negative criticism, scorn, attitude, ego games, and sudden change of deadlines, jealousy, internal power wars, unreasonable demands and/or corrections.

3. Starting lines

Project / client’s brief is THE key - concentrate on discerning the need(s).

Fields a solid mapping processs - fuzzy picturing is ok - don't push - absorb diligently.

Popping up instantly. Don't *think* just pay attention to instant ideas. Just write it down in 1-5 points.

Rules of engagement within a team/group of collaborators:

a) first idea is the best one

b) no negative comments; nothing better to suggest - shut up

c) team leader has veto, last saying.

Ex: Micheal Angelo and Sixtine Chapel; sculptor / vs painter. He ran away. Was not his *expertise* but then, he faced the challenge.

4. The right track

Research / research / research - provoke inspiration - check your fav portals - magazines - design books - doodle - write notes - think quietly - google it - research / research / RESEARCH till you click - adrenalin spurs to action

Be methodic and an hidden structure will form. Discipline the *urge* to do. Put it on hold - ideas comes from making connections through stimulation.

All you know comes from somebody else.

There is no such thing as innate knowledge. The initial 5 points have already set some guiding posts and upon finding confirmation of these, you will grow either more confident in these or you will discard them completely.

5. Elimination process

Mocking up is the elimination process.

Synthesis is a consumate art - so TWEAK till you drop!

Objectivity is detachment - seek it.

6. The framed constraints

DELIVERY is the crown - your work is the canvas - constraints make the frame - your work must fit perfectly - measure up to challenges by setting aside your personal taste / inclinations - after all you are only at the service of - no matter what - don't ever miss a date.

Ex: a frame doesn't have to be boring and in fact, you need just the right frame to put the piece in its best perspective.

7. Moving on

The project ends - accept your limitations - perfection does not exist - strive for excellence by giving your 100% to the project - be sure you gave it your all - don't look back.

Ex: there is a difference between *excellence* and *perfection*. Excellence is accepting your limitations whereas perfection doesn't exist. So depression follows instead of a healthy critic: always see the mistakes or how you could have done it better.

Then move on!

Accept that you are already elsewhere. Enriched and empowered for the *next* challenge!

Ex: Micheal Angelo and Sixtine Chapel; sculptor / vs painter. He ran away. Was not his *expertise* but then faced the challenge. Thank God for his 3D vision, can you imagine the Sixtine Chapel with its curved ceilings being painted by a 2D vision painter?

Keep in mind, that creativity empowers your talent and whatever you delivered, it is NOT the best you will become!


7 arms of creativity - coaching session notes.

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