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Portfolio Night /06 _ Montreal in review

Last night I attended Portfolio Night in Montreal, as a 'press member'. I was eager and curious to see the process up close and personal.

Especially, how would these grand barons of advertising agencies going to dispense the gold of their experience to courageous aspirantes.

What would be the reactions to received critiques? Would these be genuinely generous and helpful? Would there be, as claimed, Sesame moments where coveted doors to jobs opened?

When I arrived, my i.d. press listing was missing (encore?). Undeterred and armed with my digital cam, I went for about 5 min to aim and shoot when my eye caught, the oh so familiar crowd topography.

You know, the invisible divide between the invited elite greeting and boundling together in the back of the swanky space and the erring, diverse, and growing crowd of 'portfolios' book holders.

From my vantage point, no difference in styles; everyone to various degrees was sporting some level of eccentricity.

As I was assessing how I was going to approach the one on one 15 minute sessions without disturbing, something completely unexpected happened.

By a twist of fate, I ended up reviewing portfolios!!! It was as glorious as gruelling as I was introduced to striking talents who inspired and awed me, all at once.

I even intend to 'follow-up' with some.

What I insisted upon was to teach them the 5 secs less introduction (who you are, what you do, where you do it and what you want to do next).

Keep in mind, that I'm in information overload and you've got to capture my attention; everyone in this trade are soooo busy, how to present yourself, is a top skill to master.

Also that TALENT is not their book - YOU are the talent!!!

Provided a healthy dose of comp analysis, suggestions and showing how to improve these. It is primordial to keep just the best, and less is always best.

In a job interview you're not there to prove that you can execute Photoshop or Illustrator commands.. show what you think are the strongest concepts.

So never got to see how the overall event went, but one thing I can assure you, all is very well for the future of design communication!

The first Montreal PN video is released (en français but images tells the story). Produced by Choc'O agency.

En français, Stephan Branson fait le tour de la soirée. Here is the picture galleries from all participating cities.


To download: Portfolio Kit offers sound and experienced advices on how to prepare your book and land that dream job.

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