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Green is the new Black

Last year in NYC, had the pleasure to meet and pass up to this Internet facilitator, my appreciation for his seminal work, to which, not many have shown appreciation for.

There are many reasons why I do have appreciation; here you can read about a few of them.


So, when I heard about Al Gore's new film - I knew that attempting to shake the sleeping political pills away, was NOT, as you will read, a new found fad for him.

As an avid supporter of sustainable and fair economic exchanges, I've been following for years, the impacts of climate change.

Although, it's scientifically official, window of opportunity to turn around the effects of CO2 emissions is behind us - the more dangerous and chaotic weather perturbations can (and should) be avoided... at all costs.

No kidding.

An Inconvenient Truth was built with the best from among 400 slides and animations from his environmental travelling show. Pledge to view it on opening date: May 24.


I also recommend reading While Washington Slept by Mark Herstgaard, who makes an excellent coverage in ref with the melting of ice caps and the horrendous effects it will have on coastal countries around the world.


50 Ways to Save the Planet for sensible tips on how to take action and make a difference. Bottom line, it's really up to big corps and major polluting countries to put their act together and no matter what the medias say or doesn't, now is the time.

More delays is like signing off to oblivion the life of all of us.

On the bright side, this will create new opportunities for us designers as more and more companies are looking into becoming eco-friendly.

Stay tuned!


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