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We will never forget..

As the time nears by, I am finally getting closure, my memory was locked up on some details and now, as I remember some, I am sharing these two moments with you. I do so, to encourage you to never give up when facing adversity or tragedy in your life or around you.

Change is possible - because there is always something that can be done. These two little moments, will demonstrate this first hand. Never, never, never give up.

As the communication network was shutting down, one of our friend who lives in Long Island mentioned being out of news and not knowing what was going on. I decided to use our e_list to start sharing news and needs that were channelled back to us. I remember him asking what could be done - and I said: *There has been a request for Gatorade to be sent to the rescue teams, due to intense heat and smell, water was not enough*. He said that he would go around and talk to shop owners and see what could be done.

Don't underestimate the power of one people to help. All the efforts were done by the decision of one individual at a time, to lend a hand... no matter how small or symbolic the gesture.

One person on a list was actually in a plane, 9 in line to leave Newark, when the first tower was hit. He actually used his wireless to download his email, read what was going on and actually relayed the news to the pilots in the plane. What he shared is in an incredible tale of human encouter whereas he ended-up spending the night with 8 complete strangers in a hotel room, all sleeping in the same bed, hugging each other, some speaking foreign languages, with the tv on all night.

The 911 info page was first published Sept 11 around 10h30 am and updated round the clock until Sept 16 late pm on netdiver what's new page, which reached a worldwide audience.

For 5 days nonstop, we devoted all our time, often times through tears and heavy emotional strain to DO something to help. Within hours of the tragedy, the independent web content producers were organizing around the world and relaying news. But mostly, we were acknowledging and renewing a sacred bond: our humanity.

Having being involved in NYC for the past 7 years both on a professional and personal basis - we had first hand contacts, testimonials and news to relay and we are proud to have contributed in organizing the first relief efforts. It was an atoning effort. Whereas, searching for missing people and breaking news to family members that they had lost loved ones, was the most horrendous task I have ever done.

Through our extensive network, as new information was received, it was added to top of page in a priority order. When info became obsolete (usually within hours) it was then moved to another page.

Subsequently, we made a trip NYC on Sept 29/Oct 6. We did a photo essay (unpublished) of which the index picture is the first we show. It is one of an artist who draw from morning to dusk. It depicts the power of our human spirit over tragedy. We visited loved ones and friends, ground-zero, talked with eye witnesses, firemen, policemen, soldiers, attended funerals, received testimonials and saw first hand, the aftermath. Mostly, we were privileged to give our compassion and love to a stricken city.

There is much suffering in the world - I wish I could DO more to alleviate it; we can ALL do more. Join me in praying for world peace.


One year later: September 11 and the Internet. A study (.pdf) on the impact and ensuing actions/reactions from internet users.



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