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It's only about IDEAs


°° a thought, concept or image actually or potentially present in the mind

°° an individual's conception of the perfect or typical example of something specified

°° an indefinite or vague impression


Striking simple assertions, right? And how hard is it? To have ideas???

Easier written than done. Like any other designer, I have plenty of the greek back chorus that feeds non-stop reminders of errors, flaws, mishaps and doubts.

That soul grinding self-criticism can sometimes eat me up alive and obscure my capacity to have fresh, inspired, rewarding, pushing forward to action IDEAs.

This existential plague in my imagination... is like a neon sign that reminds me of how many other talented individuals are out there. Often times even undermines my capacity to do or overcome my acute sense of limitation.

Welcome to the creative world of designers.

Possibly in a society that has become fault-intolerant, it is hard to be human.

In a society that mirrors the aggrandizing possibility of perfection, parading with flashy superfluous gizmos and leading us to believe...

Our humanity sometimes feels like it is ranked really low, as a way to be.

When I think of all the efforts deployed for communication damage control by big corps to curb the counter-effects of media criticisms so their image is not tarnished, or if it was, to bent truth towards a different perception...

It reminds me, that I don't have such a system en place to take over, when I fail. Well at the level of one's individuality, the risk of appearing human, is quite daunting.

So thus said, I refuse damage control, I am human and this is (partly) how I get IDEAs:

Strive not for perfection.
Strive for excellence.
Believe that I can just be the best I can be.
For now, today.

OK, I feel already better. You?

I share these bitting negatives because the best scenario, is one that can put into context, sharp contrasts. So it is, in my mind.

As in a theatre where darkness envelops our surroundings, my imagination acts in a similar way to perceive and focus on the back lit pictures or stage.

Once I accept (yet again!) that there is this big clouding darkness, then with all my might, I will focus on any sparks of light with the energy of a survivor.

I will focus on forming images even the fleetest ones. Ideas are these little sparks that appears in the mind at the most opportune or non-opportune time.

When I force myself to think... usually yields... not much... But when I casually let my mind err on this and that... I will arrive at the beautifully uncharted landscape of IDEAs.

Thank God for imagination.

I truly believe the role of design is to elevate the soul. It is an idealist point of view but aren't there enough other *alternatives* out there?

My pov is a willing drop in the bucket of human expression. Be it in the midst of trials, adversities, depression, rejection, sickness, whatever, I have tried to encompass the pains of life with beauty.

The beauty of values.
Beauty alone can be deceitful.

All, is always a matter of context.

Good values filled design adds to us! You really actually receive *something*. I think it challenges to simply become better and better - and in the end, it is good for everyone.

Bad usage of design can rob us of our dignity, may attack our conscience, split our heart in two and throw our emotions into a hard to control turmoil.

I value integrity, truth, justice.

I value speaking the truth even if it means loosing it all. I am incapable of subverting my values to gain vapoware results.

I refuse to hop the hype galore.

Now, back to the drawingboard to sketch the IDEA that led to this text.

Symptoms of visual blah syndrome by Govinda Jakosalem

You blame it on copy = “Bad copy produces bad visual.” Although I think it's true, I don’t think, we designers have the right to blame words.

Copy+pasted a good picture = Based the concept on image found.

Nice to look at but no concept = Talk about lots of kitsch! Design is purely technical – so excited of using those new killer effects!

Lacks research = Design has no *backbone*

Deadline over Design = Deadline is ruling you

It's typical = Design is predictable

Hating = ‘Why am I even doing this?’ Question tends to make you lazy over your work, thus producing bad design.


The New Penguin English Dictionary / 2002


Thanks to Julie Graf who submitted Alone with the Man in Black article by Louisa Young in reference with the necessity of being true to yourself. Great read!

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