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* The work is never finished - the goals are like a beacon shining in the near and far distance - sometimes ideas have staying power - and reflect life on a stainless like surface.


The most valuable moments are those when after hours and hours of reflextion and explorations - tada - the resplendent IDEA appears.

This marvelous instant - where intangible becomes tangible.

In pixels, in colors, in form and shape, in light and contrast.

The IDEA materializes.

Thumbling like gushing water, shining like a rising sun and quieting like a peacefull walk on a favorite path - the IDEA when birthing - gives a complete sense - to our life.

°° We don't see thoughts.

°° We don't touch thoughts.

°° We don't smell thoughts.

°° We don't hear thoughts.

But that rendition in our imagination, is capable of doing so.

The IDEA is a statement, although temporary - it shows a snapshot - a stilled moment of one's thoughts.

Can you tell? I love designing.

Design is the signpost of my efforts to interpret life. Life is precious. Design is one of the ways my life shows its purpose.

Have you had an IDEA lately?

Feel alive, make it become.

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