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An open letter…

The world is in a spin and with what the medias withhold, one can only imagine the silenced and vital issues. After being trashed, punked, desecrated, softporned by all possible extent of explicit reality, what next?

BETTER. Imagine!

Gore, cynicism, crushing horrors are elevated and sprinkled over the growing existential thundering pain we feel. Attempts to disconnect us from acknowledging our greatest fears (fears of oblivion, death and darkness) are looming over all of us relentlessly 24 hours a day.

Be it real or virtual blood too much is being shed shrouding our lives in bending despair of the heart and soul. No one is spared – no one is left untouched… so?

Equally in danger is the pressure to surrender our imagination. The rulers who are masters at casting threatening shadows over what defines our core humanity, our right to dignity and self-respect… need to be reminded that we exist, and ultimately, be determined to kick them out of their rampaging strategies.

There is a cosmic genocide happening, since our souls are fed day in day out, news of these megalomaniac conglomerates, who, under the guise of economic activities, are plundering and destroying the very fabric by which each and everyone is so tenuously surviving.

So, what is it going to take to retake and reinitialize the right path? How to give back flavor to life?

Call on the dreamers!

WE, the dreamers of the world, who dwell in the unknown, are capable to mount, dismount and surmount the formidable effect of this contra-communication which has only one message: we are all undone by the rule of greed.

Now, more than ever this world needs LOVE. Love sweet love.

If you are ready to leave because the above is too syrupy to your taste. If you have long ago shrugged away above as being unreachable. If the emotions attached to values such as goodness, human greatness and positive change are gone… Then fine, these words are for you.

Let’s set aside for a moment the cold survival of the fittest theory and allow childlike aspirations for better a world take over. This land of untouched beauty filled with superseding qualities, is just within your heart reach.

Yes, it does start by admitting the horrifying condition our world has degraded to. Yes, you need to state your refusal that it continues so, unchallenged. Yes, these are first steps toward joining others who are reinventing what tomorrow is. What tomorrow can be.

Although it seems that money is the sole power lever. Although it seems that without it nothing can be accomplished. Although… etc… These are lies.

Historically, all that has come to better our lives is owed to men and women who have refused the social proposal du temps and went on to give their life (read time) to make sure it changed.

Whatever the context – those who dreamed bigger – those who dreamed better – those who made their dreams a reality were very much reacting to realities they thought unacceptable. Just as we are today. Just like the ones we deal with today: our contemporary social proposal is simply unacceptable.

Dreamers are very fragile and sensitive to being bullied. Dreamers also own what cannot be bought or taken away from them: their imagination, their talent, their aspirations.

Revive your clear bold voice. Shape the world with a new vision. Let it be known that you are dreaming a better future. Fear of failure marks the end of creativity. I dare you! Show it! Think it! Draw it! Write it! Animate it! Print it! Share it! Publish it!

Let’s give this world the almost impossible: our dreams!

Now imagine what can happen if the world citizens teamed up together in a day to day agenda?


This manifesto was written especially and included in the first print version of Plugzine #1 Where to start? a concept and designs publication on contemporary visual culture, that includes work by ParisSydneyTokyo, DHKY, Insect, Saiman Chow, Netdiver, Delaware, Hort, Kam Tang, Friends with You, Hausgrafik, :Phunk, Genevieve Gauckler, Jason Siu, Dimension 7, Toca Me, Scott Rench and Ou Ning.

Launched during GET IT LOUDER / visual noise made by young talented designers and artists around the globe. The exhibition is conceived as a platform for showcasing their creativity and personal thoughts, in order to explore their sources of inspirations in their daily lives. It also tends to examine graphic art/design as lifestyles, living attitudes, and as an integral part of urban culture.

Get It Louder is the first art/design exhibition and event of its kind held in mainland China / 2005

The manifesto was read after the What NeXt? presentation at OFFF Barcelona / 2005


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