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{Dare} to change the World

When I was 14, I wrote my life manifesto - based on this single sentence:

“What's the use of human intelligence if it serves only to destroy?”


Call it the light bulb moment, epiphany, revelation, whatever, this single sentence resumes what I have and am pursuing: to change the world!

This is not a political call to action!

This is a REALITY!

We do something about it and we survive.
We ignore it and we disappear.

Driven by a growing awareness of the world surrounding me, and as an avid reader, I read on historic events and mind boggling mistakes which have all one thing in common:

The carelessness of the impact of decisions on entire populations.

Now with the advent of information technology, the internet and its ever encompassing capacity to share and circulate information...

There are NO more ostrich holes to hide one's head in the sand. Don't really know if ostriches do that - but I know for a fact - that humans - can and do take decisions to see not and do not.

But it's not all our fault.

Desensitized by media crazed megalopolies who would rather make the last cent profiting on depleting and plundering our (hard earned) resources, we have sailed for now too many a years, without acknowledging that something somewhere has got to give.

We are now reaching this critical moment and what is required, and this is what as designers we are trained to do, is critical thinking!

The big social pie in the sky buy and consume to be happy proposal, has got to come to an end... very soon!

Mind you there is not a single chance that all wrongs will be righted!

But nonetheless it does not mean, we can't still DO something that will have enormous positive results!


Recently saw The Corporation, a film that can shake anybody out of lethargy because what is presented, is not a romantic version of the industrial age that leads to present age.

It is not an elducorated version of reality which means, it is loaded with FACTS!

Lots of facts.

Lots of daunting facts.

Lots of disturbing facts.

Lots of shameful facts.

I strongly suggest you see it - I have no ties with them - apart from morally supporting their efforts.

It is another way for me - to walk the talk and not talk the walk - of daring to change the world.

Even the smallest of contributions - impact.


The greatest deceit and the BIGGEST lie, laced in all aspects of our lives, is that our willpower is powerless in the face of troubles.

It spells out this way: even if, and whatever you decide, you CAN'T and you WON'T change a thing.

Clever huh? Well here is my reply to that:

Never, NEVER underestimate the power of one!


We are bombarded day in day out - and have contributed to this, by our profession - that the only thing that matters is 'feeling' good.

Ever wonder why it is so 'urgent' we feel good???

Well I tell this all the time to clients and colleagues: “feelings are the WORST counselors”.

Feelings lead to self-centeredness and selfishness in a way that describes the world we live in.

Shared awareness leads to shared efforts!

What has made tremendous impact in the past and what can make tremendous impact today, is a DECISION!

Decisions lead to actions!!!

Don't matter - if it's the size of one grain of sand.

In your opinion - how much 'grains' of sand are needed to bring to an halt a large cogwheel???

Well it's certainly not going to take a beach..

I have said this over and over and over and I can attest to this personally. Have I not started Netdiver - not in my garage (don't own a house) - but from a corner of my flat with a single 486 computer hooked on a 14kbs modem to the internet?

Alone, I took the decision to make my vision a reality! I was keen on seeing how being interconnected was the greatest opportunity awarded 'expression' gifted individuals to reach a global audience.

I made it a mission to promote talent to empower into taking hold of a new media! I believe in its inherent potential as an incredible mean to change the world.

That was 10 years ago! Now Netdiver reaches a growing audience around the world!

I gave TIME, my greatest asset, to make it happen. So can you!


As 'environment' related issues become mainstream, unfortunately in our collective psyche it often leads to think, mistakenly, that all is well in our swell blue planet.

Well for a fact, all is not well and we can collectively DO something about it.

How? Vote with your money!

Choose products and services that have a proven track record of sustainable processes! Use your talent and design to raise awareness on global issues! Many do! Many more could!

Volunteer your time, talent and money to causes that you will be be proud to endorse and see how your decisions start to make a difference!

Decide and DO it!


The Corporation full documentary (shareware) version - if you watch it (and it's free) consider making a contribution - even a few $$ matter - bitcoin accepted.


I personally own the DVD. Get it for extra footage + deleted scenes + interviews + plans for change.

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