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Portfolio checklist to build a great one

Building a portfolio can be a daunting task for anyone, so I thought I would share some pointers, a short checklist of what clients, potential employers and also, what I am looking for.

1. Smart

Though you might think it self evident - the copy you use - must be above average. Set yourself apart. Include powerful headlines.

2. Personality

You are different from anyone else but is this trait something that is right off showing?

3. Perspective

Choose to show projects that offer a new light, a new way of looking at something that is widely common.

Prefer full-blown concepts to half-bake ideas.

4. Depth

No one wants to be superficial so show the work that springs from the depth of your heart.

5. Style

Touchy point. This refers to your 'signature'. Show projects that point to your capacity to reinvent or overcome a trend.

6. Empathy

Make your viewers connect and relate to a particular project.

7. Uniqueness

Surprise! Whatever the final application or media - display freshness.

8. Show off

Tear down through a campaign and show how YOU would do it! Capitalize on strong visual elements.

9. Worthiness

Prove without a doubt what you are capable of. Show only your top achievements. Be thoughtful in your choices.

10. Originality

Magnify your capacity to take a brief and pin strong lines into intelligent, inventive and carefully constructed strategies.

11. Prototype

Experimental comping to better say and show is essential. Do it. Show excellence in execution.

12. Aesthetics

Pay special attention to how you present your folio. Site interface + navigation, chromatics, screening space for projects should be of top quality and display your sense of aesthetics.

13. Be great

Think big ideas. Be intelligent and courageous in defending these.

This may seem like a tall order and you know what? It is.

We all have to grow and question the validity of what we are presenting as our professional capacities. We never can sit on past achievements.

Revising our portfolio is part of the self-examination required in order to grow.

Do so accordingly, and watch for new opportunities coming your way.

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