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And I {Wish} for?

As the new year is nigh my heart is filled with a mix of desires and wishes. I will pretend the sky is NOT the limit and share with you what I wish for...

1. Peace on Earth!

An end to all the silly, murderous, greedy, selfish warlords dwelling amongst us! The end of all enmity. We are ONE family. We are ALL humans. I wish my enemies would stop holding grudges and forgive me. I wish my friends who I have hurt would forgive me. I wish my family to be whole again. I wish we all do the same and reconcile.

Reconciliation works.

2. LOVE for everyone!

An end to loneliness of heart, soul and spirit. There is no replacement for a true friend. There is no sweeter companion than a soul mate. There is nothing compared to faith in God.

We really-really need LOVE.

3. Survival to all!

That we may find work to sustain our family. That our toiling for making ends-meet is again dignified instead of being taken for granted. To have enough to share with those who don't.

Giving is a sweet thing.

4. End of sexploitation!

That women around the world stop being abused. End of mutilation of the body, soul and spirit because of gender. Stop degradation of our dignity in advertisement, fashion and media.

Appreciate our difference.

5. Termination of unfair trade!

The world is in our back yards. Perhaps better said 90% of the world is treated in unfair economic trades. The real challenge is to profit with fairness. Gone are the days of thoughtless world management; to continue doing so signs the end.

We need each other.

6. Saving our planet!

The environment is a priority! There cannot be another looking in the other direction to avoid this issue. It is not about blaming who's who. There is no more time for that. We need to collaborate. Alternate energy transportation, sensible exploitation of agriculture and safe drinking water for all.

Our children need a place to live.

7. Problem solvers aka geniuses!

The lack of hope for the future has led to a disengagement towards our society. The indifference must be shed like a worm eaten cloth. The complexity of problems requires we bring on back idealism. Bring on back the dreamers. Bring on back selfless dedicated souls who want to change the world.

Because we can.

8. The ban of addictive substances

All means of growing, distributing and profiting from these poisonous substances be cut off clean. That remorse shrouds those who take advantage of our weaknesses. This enslaving which kills the spirit, soul and body preventing us from taking control of our life and destiny. Gone should they and healing to everyone ensnared!

Imagine what could be.

9. Open communications!

Lying has become a daily diet. We lie to hide our mistakes. We lie to hide our humanity. We lie because we falsely believe others are better. There is no common sense in building a society with shaky resolves. Minds tangled in lies are open to destruction by any turmoil and storm that strikes.

Truth paves the way to change.

10. Courage and lots of it!

There is a proverb that says: “One acquires knowledge for its pain.” There is so much pain in our world that it seems sometime easier to numb it down playing games, watching TV or using whatever mind anesthetics available.

We need heart to face danger... together.

11. Inspiration

Without it there is no life. Expression comes from the deep seat of our beings. We need a Renaissance in our intelligence to set in true light which purposes are worth pursuing. Which projects are worth expressing for? Which talents we need to develop? Which causes or products are worth endorsing and put our brains at work for?

Imagination is a fragile gift.

12. Wisdom

To juggle challenges - there are so many. To manage my temper which is still unruly. To do “right” in whatever it is I am pursuing.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

My name is Carole Guevin. I am your host.

I am a thinker, an activist, a writer (5 plays, numerous essays, prose booklets, songs lyrics and a novel), a musician (composed over a 150 songs), a digital artist + photographer (upcoming a portfolio playground), a designer and a new media pioneer (first time on the Internet, 27 years ago).

All my life I have believed that “change” is possible.

All my life, I have worked to prove it.

When you visit Netdiver,

You nod unto my vision,

You validate my determination,

My life manifesto.

I was 14 then.

I wish for ALL the above to come true.

NEVER surrender your dreams.

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