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Why communication design? Part #I

* Expression means:

°° to show or represent something

°° disclosure

°° presentation or exposition to a public

°° outward manifestation or symbol

* Communication means:

°° to be in relationship with someone

°° exchange of information

°° the use of a common system of symbols

°° effective transmission of ideas


Though *expression* and *communication* are sometimes thought to mean the same - the small definitions above show it is evidently not so.

Communication is objective. It intends to convey a message aimed to one person or a group of persons. They are the sole *object* of the message.

Communication purpose is to benefit its recipients.

Expression is subjective; it comes from the inner-self even though it may be published and made publicly available, its purpose is mostly for the benefits of the one expressing.

Design is communication, per se, it attempts to make sense of the world surrounding us, its evolving nature and linking recipient to literally thousands of ideas, new and old.

Design is not a cool suit over a rotten body.

Design genuinely should provoke going forward and opening us to thinking hard or more. Thinking equals survival of our humanity. Don't think - then somebody will think it out for you... and make the decisions as well.

“Good design goes to heaven, bad design goes everywhere!”

Communication design as a discipline, is one that is little understood and little taught. There are so many symbols that makes the core of our human experience.

Mostly in the past 15 years, communication design has been used to convey ideas that not always reflect and appeal to our humanity. Our best-self that is.

Lies and deceptions are rampant. Big efforts and big money are swindled down the gorge of immediate profits and frenetic consumerism. Greed and lust for what one has not, is NOT communication design. It is brainwashing and decays the profoundness of our human life.

Communication design should elevate the soul, teach wisdom and clear a path to exploring issues that affects our world.

It's time to refuse to pay bills by selling our skills (and soul) to corporate renegades who might want us to think they are the ones shaping our future.

It's time to ask pertinent questions and expect sensible answers.

It's time to help transform businesses because (web) communication design is about interaction.

It's time to validate what is the design in our communication. It's time to find out how to design effectively. Not from a technical / skill point of view, but from one that portrays how we wish the world to become.

It's time to wake up from our dot.coma! We have to learn to stand for integrity, community and fairness to all.

First installment of a series of 2.


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