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I won't give up

When I started on the web almost 7 years ago - my thirst was to find likemind people, to communicate and exchange all over the world - opening my awareness of self into a global awareness.

I wanted to contribute and make our world a better place.

What happened to your initial motive, dream and drive?

Have you given up because the going got tough in the past couple of years?

The shakeout, highly mediatized, is taking a dire toll on the makers of this new media but... how about turning around and doing something positive to change the present state?

How about uniting and feeding the media positive news?

So many, have turned into a short sight survival mode and are careless to the future of our community... Are you?

I am not!

All castles were built one stone at a time.

I believe we can change the present situation one person at a time - that's how Netdiver was built - one site - at a time.

Let's better the world through education and raising awareness about our community.

Do it!

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