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During the past week - I've actually travelled to the most Northern part of Quebec... accessible by car: up to the very end of the road. It was eerie to know that you are in the middle of plain nowhere, enclosed within a wild country, with barely anybody living around. Well we saw nobody for miles and miles and miles.

For somebody who is living and thriving as an urbanite - this was the most contradicting lifestyle. Fishing, growing animals and minding vegetal life with very very nice and relax people when we met some.

I'm happy to be back to civilization, sort of speaking, though I did reconnect with my love of the woods and the quiet life... I love peace and being astounded by the sheer grandeur of nature.

At some point, we crossed the 50th parallel and saw the moon like paysage of the toundra. The sights were breathtaking and so was the weather... very cold.

As is, during unbroken moments of quiet - your imagination and soul and spirit replenish with new thoughts, ideas and determination.

As netdiver is entering a cycle of renewal - stay tune for more in-depth coverage + new community based ideas I want to implement so that we, together, become more creative, more knowledgeable and better ourselves and the world around us.


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