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Convergence? Ain't a dream!


°° to move together towards a common point, union or uniformity

°° to come together in a common interest or focus

°° independent development in unrelated organisms of similar characters, often associated with similar environments or behaviours


A couple of years back I wrote a simple theory concerning the 'how' would a Renaissance take place.

Historically a Renaissance happens when present day, has exhausted applicability of known knowledge and when, there are more questions, than answers.

The era we live in is the bottom end up of the curve whereas most discoveries of the Industrial Age have been applied to give us the Machine Age and then the beginning of the Technology Age.

At this point, scientists in many seemingly unrelated fields are thinking along very similar paths: chaos! Chaos is the signal of un_documented systematic manifestations.

The signal is so high it is hard to see the underlying rules and to render cohesive models... unless you are willing to jump in the unknown. Some fields directly affected: sub-molecular biology or micro/macro physics, economy and mathematics...

I remember very well when scientists over a quarter of Century ago were baffled and thought they had reached the *end* of physics. Elementary particles held within the neutron by some sort of force, which was beyond their comprehension... since the particles are charged with so much energy, velocity and unstability it was mind-boggling that *matter* was not literally exploding and losing cohesion because of their constant movements.

Something was holding it together and what it was... was beyond their knowledge... then!!! Since, the *great force* was discovered, something akin to a sub-atomic magnetic field, is matter holding glue, sort of speaking.

My point and why does that relate to our industry and us?

Simply that Renaissance has to do with discovering existing laws that are not yet discovered. Because we are not aware of them, doesn't mean they don't exist. Basically we're facing the limits of the *known* and we need to leap ahead in the *unknown* and chart what would be unbelievable...

Every discovery, every advance made in human history consists of such leap of faith in the unknown!

Before I forget, foremost and at the very heart of Renaissance are people! Like-minded people sharing similar questions, quest and somehow, coinciding destinies... They need to *meet* at some point in time in order to put in common the questions (problems), their insights on potential solutions that could lead to new answers, thus new knowledge.

How it happens? By challenging limitations with *what ifs*. By following single-mindedly insights or glimpses of what can be. I invite you to read the convergence factor (1-10 steps) theoritical metaphor.

In this era of cynicism, social disengagement and darkened politics, Renaissance people are often stigmatized by their off the chart thoughts: they stir not too confortable situations since *change* never profits those in power.

For many years, I have researched change movements and tried to establish what were the prerequisites for *change* to happen. Most importantly trying to establish how change could impact all members of society.

Alas, what I found out - was not too encouraging. Historically for change to reach the *masses* it takes anywhere from 70 to 100 years!!! Any change that would finally penetrated the social fabric would be... huh... post mortem for the change agents!!!

Needless to say when the WWW dressed the Internet with its graphical environment and the rush that followed was deemed to be the *communication platform* I had been waiting for and my hopes rose. One of my enduring hypothesis is that I have been evaluating the life cycle of information on the Internet to be around x7 the one of traditional (circulation) of information.

So if you take this x7 and divide it in 70 or 100 years = 10 or 12.5 years!

Which is... during my (our) lifetime!!! Quite an exciting prospect isn't it?

The field is cleared up! The too many wiggling worms using the space, saying: *Me, Me!* have disappeared. Now, as the horizon stands bare, come anything new, you are guaranteed attention while not having to fight against an over cloistered space to survive as well. Anyone who has survived past these horrendous post-bust times, is part of what I call the real players!

So when I was invited to X|Media|Lab way back in mid-January - little did I know what was in store for me in reference with my being on the look-out for the manifestation of the convergence factor in my own life.

The way Brendan was querying and asking questions it became evident that we thought in very similar ways. For example we both believe that new media is (still) in emergence stages and foreseeing a lift of the gloom and doom of the past years.

I was not disappointed!


The New Penguin English Dictionary / 2002


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