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From a green bag to a fab event

What's the link between a green bag from NY and the launch of a new hip label record company?

Read on.

Basic girrrl stuff would you say? Well there's always more than meets the eye.

Judy and I first met at a manicure shop. Yes, I'm into having Lily do my nails now and then. I, like many other of her customers, have started with a discrete American manicure on to French and on to my present dig - a little heart enclosed in a discrete serif motif under a straight line.

While drying there was a girl giggling from the tickling induced by a pedicure and we started chatting. Then two other of her friends joined and one passed a remark on my green plastic tot.

Agreed, this is girrrl's stuff.

Read on.

Told her that this was my fav, was using it almost exclusively to carry books and personal items and that its sturdy material was great under snow, rain and on planes too... and I had bought it in NYC, on my last visit.

The word NY, was the sesame word.

She happens to be a NYer - so off we are sharing how we loved the intense pulse of the City. One thing led to another: she lived extensively in NY and worked in the fashion industry and now, had moved to Montreal and was up to her ears preparing the launch of her company.

Soon after we were chatting like old acquaintances who were catching up on the latest in each other life.

It was my turn to share that I was a com designer and owner of a studio, when the grand fracas happened!

She asked what was the name of the company and I said *Soulmedia - you know as in we've got soul baby! singing on the famous track notes.

At that point she started giggling and seem to light up to an even more intense mode.

My first impression of her, was that she was genuine, opened, really smart and driven. Anybody knowing me - knows that I can really appreciate that quality.

Then she revealed the name of her company: *GotSoul records*.

This fortuitous meeting was instantly sealed in a silent acknowledgment of the *under statement* attached to the word *soul* we had in common.

We instinctually knew that *soul*, the *humanity* factor was one of utmost importance in our professional lives. We instantly and mutually understood the deep meaning and intent in the names we had chosen.

It was instant bonding between the two of us.


Yesterday, after many months of preparations, I had the privilege to attend the official launch of an incredibly intelligent company concept.

Honest, it was the first time in years of attending such lancements, that I wasn't bored to death.

The setting was a beautifully and artistically decorated new grill house called Mongolie - the crowd was in the image of GotSoul label - cool, hip, vivacious, and downright nice.

The hum and buzz of conversations was on top of house/lounge/chill provided by live and renowned DJ's... the mix transported me.

I had brought my digicam and improvised myself as the unofficial paparazzi for the night... everyone I approached, it was packed full, were nice, friendly, having a good time and all around coming across as a most vibrant crowd.

Judy and I spent some time discussing the concept and its imminent success. Her gathering of this non-blasé thriving artistic community was definitely reviving the magnificent tenure called *culture*.

Big cheers to you Judy et al, for pioneering and giving the gentle new culture community, a reason to gather and thrive again.

You've got soul baby!

PS: the pixies I took and GotSoul new site will launch soon!

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