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Lots of thinking, time and reflection goes into answering interview questions, well at least if one intends to be authentic, honest and share personal thoughts. Hopefully, you can be inspired and encouraged from my efforts at reconsidering previous actions, events, or decisions behind the projects I pursue.

If you wonder who is behind Netdiver Mag? Check this interview by Kuvva.

Kuvva interview

Want to know why Netdiver Mag became vintage? Read the interview I did with Anthony M. La Pusata. Stoked they used one of my design for the cover of their launch issue.

Free downloads interview - cover.

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.net magazine Q&A – Carole Guevin on archiving the web, explains why we should be inspired by the early web.

James Touhey asked very interesting questions and the interview is published on FAIRspot.

Where, how and why? A recent interview I did and published on Flashden. If you want to know a bit more of what I do and how Netdiver came about.

The Joyn:Design DIALOGUES regarding the topic of independent publication; printed in PLUGZINE / Osmosis. Get insights on what I think about this!

PLUGZINE Where to start? / No 1

The interview. What do you think I prefer: to design, write or both? Lots mind probing questions.

The Jon Delman interview: prying into my creative processes, how to overcome blame and blanks, design influence and mentors, a peak into the gender issue (again :), state and future fate of the industry and much more...

/ February 04

Haiku Dialogues on BlogWork. *Digital Art* within the 50th Biennale di Venezia event.

/ November 03

Untold (UK) the Of interest interview

/ October 03

Media Inspiration / Artist of the month interview.

/ January 03

The Tech Report / (USA) interview. Driving the Net with Carole Guevin

/ October 02

Scene360 - For the love of design, an online publication premiere, in attempt to uniting part of the online design community from 28 zines + design portals.

/ 02


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